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May 12, 2005
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Stanely the Yule Sprite by Boggleboy Stanely the Yule Sprite by Boggleboy
This was one of those pieces I really regret having sold for so very little- and no, don't ask how much! At least it was a really cool lady who bought him...but i still wish I wish I had him :(
Anyway, here's his tale.... (you don't have to read it if you don't want to..obviously xD )

This is Stanley the Christmas elf, although ‘elf’ is not entirely accurate, as ‘Christmas elves’ are more closely related to the tiny ‘sprites’. Christmas sprites belong to branch of sprites that have no visible wings, although they still seem to be able to travel by means of flight. Christmas elves are usually very small, frequently no taller than half a foot, although they can alter their size, typically choosing to become smaller, or they can become invisible altogether. They favor the colors of the holly for their clothes; red and green, which is one of the reasons why these colors are often associated with Christmas. Christmas sprites are also known as Yule-sprites, this being their original name. Yule-sprites are among the many supernatural or magical spirits connected with and responsible for seeing that the Yule is being kept and properly observed. Typically, that time during the winter when Christmas is observed is referred to as the Yuletide, or the time of the Yule. This was a time when food could become scarce and the weather harsh and those who had nothing, or at the best very little, suffered most. It was a time for drawing close together, physically and spiritually. The Yule-sprites sought to encourage and inspire acts of generosity from those who had plenty towards those in need. Unfortunately, the hearts of many humans remained hard and their ears were deaf to the cries of the needy or the call of the Yule-sprites to share whatever surplus a person might have with others who had nothing. Such selfishness and greediness on the part of those humans who had caught the attention of the Yule-sprites was usually punished, for example, by souring the milk, or infesting the grain with beetles and mice, or causing even the most carefully preserved meats, fruits, etc. to spoil and rot. Or, they would cause the next year’s harvest to be poor or bad health would befall those people whose own spirits were so lacking generosity. However, those that were able to be generous and allowed others to draw close to the warmth of their own hearths, became the favorites of the Yule-sprites and were rewarded in as many ways as the wicked were punished. Many Yule-sprites later began to assist the most famous of all the Yuletide spirits, Father Christmas, after he earned the friendship of the king of the Yule-sprites, King Rollo, whom Father Christmas had saved from band of goblins. In fact, the Yule-sprites’ practice of rewarding the generous and punishing the greedy led to the legendary ‘naughty/nice list’ of Father Christmas. To this day King Rollo and all the Yule-sprites continue to work with Father Christmas, though fewer people are aware of them these days and their presence seems to have lost a great deal of its power.
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Earthmagic Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
This wonderful piece of art has been featured in my Journal.
Boggleboy Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much! It's nice that one of my older pieces is still getting some attention!
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Boggleboy Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the feature! I'm sorry for the late response as I've been very busy sculpting and them I got terribly sick with the flu...but I'm on the mend. Again, thank you for the feature!
ShyElfy Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2007
i love elf breeds any kind ^^ btw this is very cute he looks so happy :)
Boggleboy Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you! I still think he is among my most expressive both in his face and with his body language. I'm glad that you like him!
Helens-Serendipity Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
I knew he reminded me of someone... it's the BFG! ^^; was driving me nuts :nod:
Boggleboy Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Ha ha ha!!!! The Big Friendly Giant!!!! Wonderful! Of course Stanley is a bit smaller than the BFG was- Stanley sculpture was, of course, life size. The BFG was a great character!
Helens-Serendipity Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
I love that film... to say i'm not a fan of R.D.

Though now my kids being grown, i can see the attraction. Didn't really think they were suitable then :nod:
Boggleboy Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Which is precisely why children love RD and his work- it isn't written for parents, it's really from the perspective of a child and what a child fears and finds humorous- believe me, there are far less appropriate things than Roald that far more kids are exposed to every the nightly news!!!!!! Gimme a flatulent giant any day!!! ;) :D
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